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Undergroundgym Arnhem: the gym in Arnhem where our trainers make you sprint even faster, lift even more weight, fight even better, and laugh even harder.

Welcome to Undergroundgym Arnhem: Your Unique Fitness Experience.

The Undergroundgym is for everyone. And when we say everyone, we truly mean everyone. Whether you’re just starting out or have been training for years, young or old, male or female, tall or short: we tailor the program to help you achieve your goals.
Discover a unique fitness experience at Undergroundgym Arnhem, where your training is taken to the next level. Our unique location in Meijnerswijk provides an innovative and inspiring environment to become physically and mentally stronger.

Our Unique Location

Located in the picturesque Meijnerswijk, Undergroundgym combines a spacious indoor area with two generous outdoor spaces and the opportunity to train on the beach during the summer. It’s not just a gym; it’s an experience that transforms your training.

Training at Undergroundgym

We focus on bodyweight exercises, naturally building strength and endurance. Push-ups, pull-ups, squats, and lunges are just a taste of what you can expect. Each training session is a new challenge, a new opportunity to push your limits.

The Undergroundgym Experience

You don’t come here just to work out; you come for a unique fitness experience. It’s raw, it’s real, and it’s the place where you’re challenged to become the strongest version of yourself. Are you ready to experience the difference? Sign up and dive into the world of Undergroundgym Arnhem.

FREE trial class

The best way to find out if Undergroundgym is right for you is to join a free trial class!

In our gym, you train in the underground style: with old-school iron and a dose of creativity.

This is how we work with sandbags, tractor tires, and especially with your own body weight. You won’t find another gym in Arnhem with a sled track of over 70 meters and a unique outdoor area.

Even top athletes come to train at Undergroundgym in Arnhem to work on specific aspects or to prepare for major events. There’s a good chance you might run into Ajax footballer Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Germaine de Randamie (UFC/MMA), or Boyboy Martin (kickboxing), for example.

Do you want to know if Undergroundgym is right for you?

About us

  • Good vibes only
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Unique location on the outskirts of Arnhem
  • Top trainers
  • Generous opening hours & various training options
  • Large outdoor area with an adjacent beach
  • 750m2 indoor facility filled with old-school iron
  • Free parking right at the doorstep

Meet our trainers

Our trainers motivate you to push yourself to the limit and provide honest feedback when needed, all without being focused on your appearance and selfies.





amber eijzenbach


Bram bolder

And of course, our loyal and enthusiastic four-legged companions, Odin and Ace.

What satisfied 'undergroundgymmers' say about us

Who can tell you that better than the amazing members of the gym! Each with their own story, their own goals, dreams, and challenges.

Read below in their stories what Undergroundgym Arnhem can mean for you.

Bart van Ingen
Bart van Ingen
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Ik train al meer dan 10 jaar bij Underground, super gym, top begeleiding! Ben ook bij andere gyms geweest en PT maar Underground is echt de ideale plek voor mij! Leuke groepen, klein en wat groter maar veel afwisseling, respect en plezier onderling.
Jorrin Lippens
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Top Gym....No-nonsense. Leuke mensen waar je samen mee sport, top trainers en altijd afwisseling - geen training is hetzelfde.. Het helpt mij enorm om sterker en fit(ter) te worden. Met plezier naar de sportschool....
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Ik train hier nu al jaren en wat het uniek maakt is dat je gemotiveerd wordt het beste uit jezelf te halen in een unieke omgeving door een geweldig team De onderlinge sfeer maakt dat iedereen zich snel prettig voelt, nieuwe mensen voelen zich direct welkom. Ga gewoon, neem een proefles en ervaar het.
Dave Aaldering
Dave Aaldering
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Lekker trainen in een rauwe omgeving met leuke trainers. Ik ging als sateprikker naar binnen, maar word nu regelmatig verward met Rico Verhoeven. 💪💪💪
Tim Keuben
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Kickboksen op een te gekke locatie in een ongedwongen, informele en sportieve sfeer. Goeie adviezen en ontzettend prettige begeleiding.
Lex Schmeetz
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Hier wordt echt alles gedaan om je tot maximale prestaties te laten komen op je eigen niveau. Zweten en lachen gaan hier hand in hand.


Experience the difference and book your trial class at Undergroundgym Arnhem today. We’re ready. Are you?


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