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Arnhem is a city that values health and fitness, which is why having a good gym in Arnhem is of great importance. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced athlete, the need for a quality gym in Arnhem is always present.

Let us take you through why Undergroundgym is the best choice for a gym in Arnhem.

Why we are the best gym in Arnhem?

At Undergroundgym, you benefit not only from professional guidance and varied workouts but also from a unique location with several beautiful outdoor spaces.
Imagine, a workout on the beach without having to travel to the coast, which gym in Arnhem can offer that ;). In addition, we always offer free parking and are open 7 days a week.

What training options do you have at the gym in Arnhem

As a gym in Arnhem with years of experience, we have a number of memberships.
  • Group Classes: From €49.50 per month, you can experience the energy of group training.
  • Small Group Classes: With a maximum of 6 people per group from €115 per month.
  • Personal Training: Receive a customized training, specially adapted to your needs. Price upon request.
  • Open Gym: Train whenever it suits you for 25 euros per month


Group classes

Together, yet alone. During our GROUP CLASSES, you have the advantage of motivated people around you who – just like you – want to get the most out of themselves.


Small Group

In our SMALL GROUP, you train with a small group of up to 5 people. This way, we can tailor the workouts even better to your unique body and personal situation.


Personal training (PT)

Undivided attention and infinite expertise. During our PERSONAL TRAINING, we work one-on-one to ensure that you train in a healthy way that suits you.



Are you ready to fight? Great! With us, you can learn KICKBOXING from real professionals.

The ideal way to improve your fitness, clear your mind, and better stand your ground in daily life.


Open Gym

At Undergroundgym, we understand that every athlete is unique, with individual goals, their own pace, and specific preferences.

That’s why we proudly introduce our “Open Gym,” where you have the freedom to train on your terms.

Specializations at Undergroundgym

At Undergroundgym, we offer a wide range of specializations, such as Kickboxing, Punching Bag Training and Technique Sessions. For those who love bodyweight exercises, we have Calisthenics – think push-ups, pull-ups, dips, and more.
We also offer exercises commonly found in Crossfit but with a focus on technique. This gives you, as an athlete, a gym in Arnhem where you can do what suits you best with the right guidance.

Specific Classes: Something for Everyone

Looking for a gym in Arnhem? What’s important to you? After all, there are so many.
At Undergroundgym, besides the regular program, you also have specific classes or if you want to compete in a competition, an open gym and good guidance with trainers who have either done it themselves or are still doing it. All things you should consider in your search for a gym in Arnhem.

Not Just Any Gym

What makes Undergroundgym different from another gym in Arnhem? Our gym in Arnhem offers not just traditional fitness machines but also unique training tools such as sandbags, farmer carries, our 70-meter sled track, and atlas stones. It’s not just any gym, it’s an experience!

Why Undergroundgym is the Best Choice for a Gym in Arnhem

Our motto is simple: at Undergroundgym, you truly become stronger and fitter. Whether you’re just starting out or have been training for years, we have something for everyone. Follow our Insta channel for cool videos of our workouts.

Experience it Yourself at the Gym in Arnhem

Words can only say so much. Come by and experience a free trial class at Undergroundgym. See for yourself why we’re the best gym in Arnhem!


  • Strongmen training
  • Legday
  • Kickboxing: Technique & Sparring


  • Women only Booty Core (abdomen, buttocks, and legs)
  • Olympic weightlifting
  • Push & Pull


  • Full body workout
  • Conditioning


  • Full body workout
  • Conditioning

The Heart of Undergroundgym: Meet our dynamic team!

A gym is so much more than the equipment, the location, or even the classes offered. The beating heart of any fitness facility is its team.

At Undergroundgym, we’re fortunate to have a team of passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainers who help everyone, from beginners to advanced, reach their goals. Let’s take a look at the stars of our team!

Ben: The Power Behind Undergroundgym

As the owner of the gym, Ben is much more than just the face of Undergroundgym. With experience in competitive kickboxing and training world-class fighters like Boy-Boy Martin and UFC champion Germaine de Randamie, Ben brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the mat.
Whether you’re interested in strongmen workouts, leg day, or technique and sparring training for kickboxing, Ben is your go-to trainer.

Amber: Strength and Female Power

As a specialist in Olympic weightlifting, Amber is living proof that strength knows no gender. Besides her weightlifting, Amber is also the driving force behind the Women only Booty core training, focusing on the abdomen, buttocks, and legs.
For expectant mothers, she helps you stay active as long and responsibly as possible and get back on track after childbirth.

With regular participation in competitions like ‘Strongest Woman of the Netherlands,’ she is the perfect trainer for women who want to increase their strength.

Olaf and Bram: Conditioning Kings

For those looking for a full-body workout, Olaf and Bram are your guys. With extensive experience in conditioning and full-body workouts, these two make sure you feel every muscle in your body.
But remember, at Undergroundgym, it’s not all about training. Our trainers are also there for a good chat, advice, or even a joke in between.

Because fitness is not only about strengthening the body but also about building a community.

Unique Gym Location: Discover Undergroundgym Arnhem in Meinerswijk

When you think of fitness, you probably picture a typical gym: four walls, fluorescent lighting, and the monotonous sound of treadmills.

But what if your training went beyond those four walls? What if your gym offered more than just machines and weights, but also a picturesque setting? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Undergroundgym Arnhem in Meinerswijk.

Always Free Parking

Say goodbye to the stress of finding a parking spot. At Undergroundgym Arnhem, parking is always free. No hassle, no extra charges, just convenience.

An Inspiring View: The Rijnkade

Enjoy a captivating view of the Rijnkade during your workout? Yes, please! The location of Undergroundgym not only provides a top environment for training but also inspiring vistas that make every squat, every lift, and every drop of sweat worthwhile.

Perfect Accessibility: Wherever You’re Coming From

Whether you’re coming from Arnhem-Noord, Arnhem-Zuid, the city center, or even a surrounding village, Undergroundgym is easily accessible. It doesn’t matter which direction you come from, the journey to our gym is always worth it.

Outdoor Training

At Undergroundgym, we don’t limit ourselves to indoor spaces. With expansive outdoor areas at both the front and back, the sky is literally the limit.
Whether you want to do pull-ups, test your strength with dips, or take on the challenge of dragging tractor tires, it’s all possible. And for the speed demons? Try sprinting in our special sandpit with the sled.

Summer Beach Workouts

And for those hot summer days? Take a trip to our beach and surrender to an intensive beach workout. Whether you’re lifting heavy stones or doing a full-body workout in the sand, you’ll appreciate the fresh air, the sun, and the proximity to the water.

Discover Undergroundgym: Where Real Strength and Fitness Begin

In a world full of gyms and fitness centers, it can be hard to find the right place that meets your specific needs. But if you’re looking for a place that’s as unique as you are, then Undergroundgym is the place for you.

Stronger and Fitter

Undergroundgym is not just any gym. Here, you truly become stronger and fitter, and that’s not just a slogan. Thanks to our professional guidance and unique workouts, we offer you the chance to push physical boundaries in ways you never thought possible.

Traditional Meets Modern

While we have traditional fitness equipment, we also encourage our members to work with the most dynamic tool they have: their own body. Bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and squats can work wonders for your strength, flexibility, and endurance.

Core Values: Strength and Technique

One of our key focus areas at Undergroundgym is strengthening your core. A strong core is the foundation for a healthy body, helps in preventing injuries, and improves your overall performance. And while many gyms focus on repetition after repetition, we emphasize technique. Because what’s the point of doing 50 squats if you’re not doing them correctly? A very good reason to join the gym in Arnhem, Undergroundgym.

For Beginners and Pros

Whether you’re a beginner who has never done a push-up before or an experienced athlete looking to refine your technique, we are here for you. Our team of trainers at the gym in Arnhem ensures that you achieve every goal, no matter how big or small. Deadlifts, snatches, lunges, burpees, and more; with us, you’ll learn them all in an effective and safe manner.


At Undergroundgym, the gym in Arnhem, it’s not about trends or quick fixes. It’s about real results, authentic techniques, and a community of like-minded individuals pushing each other to greater heights. Whether you want to do your first pull-up or break your PR on the deadlift, we welcome you to be part of our unique fitness family.

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Who can tell you that better than the amazing members of the gym! Each with their own story, their own goals, dreams, and challenges.

Read below in their stories what Undergroundgym Arnhem can mean for you.

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